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Lookout baby boomers, the new pinup girl clothing is here!  PinupDoll.com. has the retro dresses and vintage dresses most sought after by today’s modern bombshell girl.  We have special pinup dresses brought back from the 40’s and 50’s of the pinup couture.  This pin up polka dot dress has a sweet innocence blended with a bit of naughty for a combination of designer motifs in timeless fabrics. Polka Dots, stripes, wiggle dresses, checkers, paisley and swing dresses are just a few of the classic pinup doll dress designs you will find.  You can wear pinup dresses as costumes or for role playing; or wear pinup doll vintage dresses to the office or the prom and everyone will think you have great fashion sense. With so many colors and choices, our selection of retro dresses at Pinup Doll will make no need for you to look elsewhere.
Pin Up Clothing
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Our pinup girl swimwear makes a fashion sense at the beach, by the poolside or at a summer backyard barbecue.  Make his heart thump with classic pinup swimwear, retro swimsuits and vintage bikini styles brought back from a favorite era.

Pinup swimsuits are a blend of sexy fabrics with ruffles, bright colors and many different prints to resemble the original pinup swimwear like that of American icons from yesteryear.  Dare to go back in time with a retro swimsuit from Pinup Doll lingerie and more!
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What can we say about BRIGIT? Style, class and comfort all in one. This dress is made of black stretch bengaline with polka dot accents on collar and pockets. There is a zipper closure down the front of the dress.
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Pin Up Dresses – Why They're so Popular

Sure, you hear the term pin up dresses a lot lately and you may even want to buy one but really, what are they? Simply put, they are the dresses that put the demure, sizzle and glamor into the 40s, 50s and 60s. They're sexy yet sophisticated, flirty yet surprisingly conservative! They show just enough flesh to spark an interest and it's more than enough to make heads turn. Pin up dresses are inspired by the past but in fabulous modern fabrics that really contour and flatter nearly any body type.